Vertex™: Mid/High-Rise Window Cleaning
Done Right
Safe, Really Safe!
3X Fast
Durable Cleaning Results
Around The Clock
No Modifications Needed, No Dependence on Special Infrastructure
Why Choose Vertex™ for looking after your mid/high-rise properties?

High-rise window cleaning, and by extension any type of work on a high-rise facade, relies on a fully manual workforce with over 50% annual turnover which is increasing the cost of providing services at a rapidly increasing rate. The current rate of high-rise construction and the unique service and maintenance needs of modern high-rise buildings require a safe, scalable, and efficient solution.

Autonopia’s Vertex™ is designed within the bounds of the current infrastructure and access equipment to minimize the adoption risk, while reducing cost, and eliminating the safety risks, inefficiencies, and other challenges that come with elevating the workers to do the work by hand.

Latest news
Mr. Robert Newman has joined Autonopia’s board of advisors

Autonopia Technologies Inc. Vancouver, BC Dec 7th, 2022 We are thrilled and honored to announce that Mr. Robert Newman has joined Autonopia’s board of advisors. Mr. Newman brings along two and a half decades of invaluable experience and his addition to our advisory board and his industry insight, advice and support are critical in strengthening and executing our […]

Autonopia is now backed by Techstars and Stanley Black & Decker

Autonopia’s progress toward the safety of work at height just got turbo-charged! We are excited to announce that Autonopia has joined Techstars accelerator in partnership with Stanley Black & Decker. We look forward to 3 months of rigorous work and aggressive milestones in collaboration with Techstars and Stanley Black & Decker. Read more here:

Autonopia’s robots may replace humans at heights, but they surely don’t replace humans

Autonopia making headlines again! Efficiency and safety are what the high-rise facade maintenance services industry has been missing for decades and robots are the solution. The adoption of robots does not mean the elimination of jobs in this sector, but a transition from intimidating and risky work at height to a safer and more interesting […]