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Autonopia was founded with a simple vision: to build autonomous robots to take over the mundane and dangerous work at height and shift the role of the human technicians to robot operators working from a safe place.

Today, despite the rapid advancement of technology, work on tall structures is still completely manual which poses high safety risks to the workers. Safety standards and regulations have made these jobs dramatically safer, however, life-threatening injuries are a mistake away. We believe tasks that are too dangerous or physically unfitting for humans should be, and more importantly can be, done by machines, allowing human workers to do what they do best.

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About The Founder
Mohammad Dabiri

Mohammad is an engineer and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in shipping AI-centered deep-tech products in domains including finance, automation, and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

He has held various roles as an executive and engineer and has deep expertise in leading large-scale projects with complex technology challenges.

Mohammad holds a Master’s degree in computer science with a focus on Natural Language Processing.

It All Started In Mohammad's Apartment

Having witnessed a fatal accident in the high-rise facade maintenance industry, Mohammad decided to explore alternative solutions to using human labor in such critical conditions.

Though simple for humans, such jobs require a great amount of intelligence and decision-making, all with high precision. It was clear that the solution to the problem required accurate execution which was only possible through the use of industrial robotics backed by multi-faceted intelligent software capable of using computer vision and sensor-fusion to collect adequate knowledge of the structure and intelligent planning, control, and real-time decision making.

After building the first prototypes in his apartment and multiple iterations with R&D partners, Mohammad started to scale the company and turn the initial MVP into a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) fused with industrial robotics for automating a wide range of work on structures, including cleaning, coating, and blasting.