A Safe, Reliable, Fast, Scalable, and Tireless Workforce at Your Service
Does Your Business Contract Jobs Requiring Work At Height?

Autonopia’s robotic fleet can multifold your revenue from the same workforce size with minimal upfront capital needs. We work with you and provide you with the means of growing fast; a robotic workforce whom you can rely on to deliver a consistent quality of work year-round and around the clock.

Challenges Faced By The Industry Today
Shortage of Labor, Increasing Cost

The aging workforce with over 50% annual turnover is no longer a sustainable backbone for an industry serving a rapidly growing demand.

Unpredictable Timeline

Making resources available on time and delivering in the specified time period is a constant challenge. Weather, labor availability, and injuries are among a few causes of delays.

Business Growth Cap

The operational overhead and cost of managing, supervising, and training a workforce distributed across your service territories while staying price-competitive in the market dramatically slows down or caps your ability to scale your business.

Our Solution: A Semi-Autonomous Workforce
Up to 6 times revenue, same headcount

Multifold your revenue without increasing headcount using Autonopia’s semi-automated machines. Make your business an attractive employer by offering safe work with feet on the ground with 70% less manual labor per day.

Predictable, Reliable, Consistent

Our semi-autonomous workforce is there for you when you need them, any time of the day, any time of the year, and we take care of maintenance for you.

Multi-Shift Operation

Maximize your delivery capacity during the peak seasons by operating multiple shifts per day. Schedule work when most convenient for the occupants and property management.

Pure Water Window Cleaner / Surface Scrubber

Pressure Wash

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