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In partnership with our operating partners and relying on our robotic workforce, you will continue to receive full end-to-end services for your property now at unparalleled predictability, reliability, consistency, and speed. Our robotic fleet is set up and supervised by highly experienced and certified technicians with years of experience working on elevated structures.

Challenges Faced By The Industry Today
Slow and Unpredictable Timeline

Full reliance on manual labor means making resources available on time and delivering in the specified time period is a constant challenge. Weather, labor availability, and injuries are among a few causes of delays.

Shortage of Labor, Increasing Cost

The aging workforce with over 50% annual turnover is no longer a sustainable backbone for an industry serving a rapidly growing demand, and this phenomenon is continuing to drive up the cost of services.

Safety and Liability

Working on the side of the building is never safe for human workers. From the risk of falling objects and damage to the facade and broken windows to the physical strain on workers and the health hazards to workers on the side of the building.

Moreover, the scene of such risky work right outside the window is a constant reminder to the occupants of the danger the workers are exposed to for cleaning their windows.

Our Solution: A Semi-Autonomous Workforce
3 Weeks Project Delivered In One

Our robotic fleet deliver 3 times faster than human workers.

Predictable, Reliable, Consistent

Firm schedules, consistent delivery quality, and real-time progress tracking.

Scale On Demand

Let your timeline define resource allocation and not the other way around.

Multi-Shift Schedules

Schedule work when most fitting your occupant’s preferences.

Our Systems

Mid/High-Rise Window Cleaning

Pressure Wash

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